I have known Karola for about 2 years, during which she never stopped to impress me with her dedication to her work. Her work is tightly connected to her ethics and holds a great deal of integrity, dedication, and inspiration.

When she is assigned to lead workshops or a program, or comissioned to work with a specific organization or group or corporation she would make it very clear to her clients about the process that she will be taking. She has over the years built a very sistematic method for her training that is characterized by creativity, logic and professionality. I highly recommend her to be an inspirational force that will boost and advance your work at your company or group.

Dr Fadi Skeiker, PhD, Associate Professor University of Jordan, Post Doctorial Fellow at Freie Universität Berlin

Dr Fadi Skeiker, PhD, Associate Professor of the University of Jordan, Postdoctorial Fellow Freie Universität Berlin