The Story

Al’s name is actually Alina. She heads the innovation department of a cruise company. Since COVID19 one thing became clear: the cruise industry needs to undergo a major transformation. It will never take place as before.

This wonderful way to travel slowly and enjoyably is threatened with extinction. Alina knows, however, that the greatest crisis is also the greatest opportunity. There is an answer in the connection of technology and human existence.

Her everyday life is challenging. Especially because her department has to reinvent literally like “everything”. That puts a lot of pressure on her and she actually needs allies or at least superiors with other, new, abilities to really be able to make a difference.

In her spare time she grows vegetables, cultivates her love of philosophy and is inspired strategically. She rethinks leadership by comparing acquiring future skills with the art of growing plants. Her idea of Future Skills Farming, strengthened by consistent  Being Boldly Human – Mutig MenschSein supports the understanding of being human, the use of technology and thinking spaces in order to be able to create innovation.

“…it is always amazing how much Karola Sakotnik is able to fascinate the audience. Pure inspiration! available in four languages”

Can also be booked as team support and idividual coaching

The content

Why only the conscious use of human intelligence can make artificial intelligence valuable

Alina thinks this further for her industry, tourism and the high end service industry. What role does artificial intelligence play in their innovation? How can thy adress the need of humans, both employess and guests? How can they implement AI?

In the discussion about cost structure, efficiency and spatial regulations that go along with COVID19 most of her colleagues exclude the need to meet human needs. No one really considers our way of processing information and applying it in the form of humour, empathy and sense of responsibility for a true holiday experience.

Even in her totally service oriented organisation, innovation is developed purely from a technical point of view and by people for whom overload and fear are on the agenda. The human need for significance and meaningful action is seen as a waste of time. A world of work characterised by senselessness and exhaustion is created. That had happened already before COVID19, now it is even more visible. She knows: Innovations that emerge from this will not get us anywhere. Efficient work is also impossible and High end tourism becomes impossible.

But there is another way! Being Boldly Human beings is her motto and this in a professional context! The development of future competences – Future Skills – prepares the ground for a fruitful future. On a human level, she sees the need to experience potential development as well as loving bosses, laughing employees and experts who act creatively.

This is how innovations the world needs are being created – both on the product and service level

Alina or better Karola Sakotnik claims: In order to shape a successful future, we need courageous, creative and humorous people, so that the world remains worth living in.

  • Courageous means thinking from the future
  • Creative means listening, feeling and shaping
  • Humorous means acting in an appreciative and playful way and being able to control your own emotions
  • These people think sustainably, they are willing to shape their lives and the future
  • Boldly

In or after times of crisis, this is a way to rebuild the success of a company

Being Boldly Human – developing and cultivating your human potential

Karola Sakotnik calls for Future Skills Farming

Interactively and with a lot of humour. Storytelling in a live experience!

After a short theoretical introduction on how human potential like attitude, creativity and humour work she shows how valuable they are in tourism and for business in general in the future. She makes her audience experience attitude, creativity and humour interactively and with a lot of humour. There is always a new story being invented live. She collects ideas from her audience and processes them into new stories.

With live music, this great topic maks the audience experience true resonance. Leadership, translated into “being an active resonator”, is made tangible.

The Call: Not only tourism, yet rethink business and economy in general! Let’s get ready for it!

Homo oeconomicus as a being who makes decisions based on facts alone is no longer proving its worth in the age of digitalisation. We are facing an economic evolution as profound as the first industrial revolution.

Future Skills Farming: Developing economic life!

People with future skills such as creativity and humour, to name but a few, can recognise opportunities, use them and derive innovation from them. They have the ability to recognize new things and have the courage to implement them. They can create meaningful and successful things with our strongest human qualities. In doing so, they can bridge the gap between healthy self-management and taking responsibility for a healthy world, to keeping the focus on economic requirements. The result is success in the economic, personal and social sense.

Options and Technical Stuff

  • Option 1 – Keynote with live music
    • fits perfectly for conferences, conventions and as inspiration for an evening event
    • We need audio support
    • Microphones: Speaker headset, additional vocal microphone, saxophone microphone, percussion microphone, di box for guitar, all plus microphone stand and 3 music stands
  • Option 2 – Keynote with live music and workshop
    • is perfect for a summit, a convention where workshops are offered
    • Technical details see above
    • for the workshop we need one room for 15 persons each, maximum 3 rooms in parallel, with more than 45 participants we offer several workshop sessions or develop a suitable design with you
  • Option 3 – Keynote pure: suitable for smaller groups
    • fits perfectly if you want to offer regional inspiration or organise a networking event, internal or external, and the setting is simply smaller
    • technical: we will bring a small sound system