Keynote on the topic NEW LEADERSHIP

Is there a future worth living possible in the corporate world? And why does this require a transformation of leadership?
To become future-proof as a leader, to exponentially increase one’s own impact and thus lead the company to success

This keynote can be held digitally and in real life, according to your needs and pandemic restrictions.

The current questions of our clients – we observe that many companies are facing new challenges:

  • How does leadership and management work in times when the team communiation is primarily digital?

  • Is it possible to establish digitally a human conenction?

  • Ok, home office proves its worth and requires new communication styles – but which ones?

The role of emotional intelligence within:

  • What does emotional intelligence actually mean in a corporate context?

  • How can I motivate others?

  • How do I feel about myself?

The role of leadership for a conducive corporate culture

  • Real innovation begins with relationship management

  • How can I create a safe space for creativity

  • And thus create opportunities for innovation

Future Skills Farming Founder and Chief Creativity Officer Karola Sakotnik will address the following questions:

  • How does the digital world work? What does an executive need to understand?

  • Which areas apart from the company´s expertise does one have to understand?

  • What kind of communication is used today? What languages do we speak today?

  • What talents do we as humans have, which we neglect cultivating and thus miss out on success in digital times?

  • Can people and artificial intelligence work together effectively?

  • What must change fundamentally?

  • CoCreation as a working attitude – how does that work?

  • How can we implement a culture of learning from failure or error?

  • Why does it increase turn over when giving feedback in such a way that people feel addressed – how does one become a master in this discipline?

  • Is it true that we should accept learning as part of life?

  • How important is it to recognize the value of different opinions?

The goal: a leadership transformation for innovation, future and culture. To create a culture that is worth living. For a company that is worth working in, that dares to think of a world worth living in.

The solution can be summed up in cultivating Being Boldly Human – that is an attitude to work and life. It means to be aware of human characteristics and to cultivate them in order to successfully lead a digital future in which people can work and live in a species-appropriate way. This includes the above mentioned topics.

Learning, attitude and culture, yes it works and – it is even very easy!

The conducive corporate culture and new leadership contribute to a constructive transformation for the company, which is triggered by the current digital transformation.
Future Skills are the skills and attitudes that employees need to work together constructively

Yes, a successful future, that is possible!

Sow and cultivate future skills, because then the fruits of this work can be harvested and then refined. To inspire and guide this, Future Skills Farming has made it its mission to

This keynote is a positive message in times like these. Extracted from the experiences of the last months, laid out and explained for managers and people who do not want to continue with the waste of resources and the same destructive speed as before, but do not yet know how to do so.

The book to the lecture
Available from December: The book for the keynote “Mutig MenschSein”, also available as an audio book, spoken by the author.
The lecture can be booked in German, English, Italian or French. It can be booked online and interactive as well as offline