"As a speaker she is intoxicating, competent and the approach of BEING BOLDLY HUMAN is brilliant in terms of content! Yes, this is how I would describe Karola Sakotnik"

Digital or in real life: My vision is to ignite the fire of my audience and intricate curiosity. Or shortly: the courage to develop, to learn. My call: Being Boldy Human! That is an attitude to work and life. It means to be aware of human characteristics and to cultivate them in order to successfully lead a digital future, in which people can work and live in a species-appropriate way. Storytelling at a (virtual) fireplace. Translated into our working world, this means: the most original form of learning culture, innovatively interpreted. Told from person to person. This is inspiring and enables people to remember things.

Keynote BEING BOLDLY HUMAN - about Change, Creativity and Innovation

Bring your best to the future of your company! BEING BOLDLY HUMAN - that is an attitude of life and work. It means to be aware of human talents, potential and characteristics and to cultivate them in order to successfully lead a digital future in which people can work and live in a species-appropriate way. This helps to stay open and inspired in times of transformation. Because now the foundations are being laid and the ideas are being born to ensure our survival.

Keynote Mutig MenschSEIN© - Being Boldly Human | New Leadership

Future fit Leadership - what does that mean? Karola Sakotnik discusses these questions: How can a future worth living be shaped in the context of corporations and why does this require a leadership transformation? How do leaders become future fit, how do they exponentially increase their own impact and thus lead the company to success? Future Skills Farming founder and Chief Creativity Officer Karola Sakotnik has answers to current questions. The convincing viewpoint on the current situation: only those who live innovation as an attitude will survive

Keynote Al goes Rhythm or Algorithm?

Al is actually called Alina. She heads the innovation department of a cruise company. Alina knows: the biggest crisis is also the biggest opportunity. There is an answer in combining of technology and BEING BOLDLY HUMAN. Her everyday life is challenging. Especially because her department has to reinvent itself and innovate lietrally everything. That puts a lot of pressure on her and she really needs allies. Thsi keynote is an entertainment version on the subject of BEING BOLDLY HUMAN. Full of life, élan and embers is sung, narrated with interactive storytelling, to be booked online or offline - rousingly interpreted by an artist who set out to find life and met man.


Seasons Celebrations - excellent Online Hospitality

Social Distancing and Sesons celebrations are coming up - no fun when you cannot even give a hand to your team or customers. We say: yes, you can! How? are the experienced and award winning onlien hospitality crew. That is the seasons´ digital harvesting: Thankful about what experience has shown in recent months.

Digital Cooking with Seasons Greetings

We know that in times of social distancing people really miss one thing: the community. And cooking can do just that: connect. How does it work online?

  • We send you and your teams a shopping list and a package of drinks and sweets
  • at the agreed time of the celebration, we cook together via ZOOM, under the guidance of a professional cook.

That means: all eat and drink the same, cook together and are - COVID19 conform - only in small groups or in the family with each other in direct contact. Whether that is also fun? Our previous participants say: YES! REALLY FUN!

Seanson´s Online Inspiration into Homeoffice

In the new working home office, the natural exchange within the team is missing. And if the Christmas party is missing as well - here is the remedy: 25 min interactive Christmas live online broadcast for your employees. Tailored to your needs, with a speech by the company management, designed to inspire. Get in touch with us, we create your program individually and affordable.

Award Winning: Thank You for a challenging Year

Saying thank you for a challenging year, which everyone mastered well, together. And all this on a moderate budget, appropriate to the current situation. Our A1 Innovation Award (Austrian Telekom) winning  wine tastings. Everybody gets his wine package delivered at home, we meet on ZOOM, with a professional host, a professional sommelier and the winemaker. And so your own online community is being created, all together we spend a nice evening with your crowd.


Human & Digital - Making Transformation Visible

Harvesting digitally, what experience has shown in recent months. Currently, a transformation of our society and many companies is taking place. My aim is to carry the insight further in order to initiate change and innovation. Yes, dare to share your own experiences. So I invite you as an interview partner to tell me what impresses you and what conclusions you draw from it. Or I develop on demand online programs for you and your company. And for those who like it international, I invite you to join us at the Leadership Transformation Summit to think about how our working world can be enriched with sense and human dignity again. Because at the moment it takes courage and Being Boldly Human!

Talk with Me - Leadership and more

Future Skills Farming founder and Chief Creativity Officer Karola Sakotnik interviews people about their approach to leadership and success. She asks what has shaped her guests and tries to find explanations why theis approach is the best solution for exactly these people.
It becomes visible how differently we as individuals react to similar challenges. Take your time and let yourself be inspired - by others who are already successfully on their way.

Online Format: Inspiration into Homeoffice

In the new working in home office, the natural exchange within the team is missing. Here is help: 25 min interactive live online broadcast for your employees. Tailored to you, designed to inspire.

Leadership Transformation Summit

A Bilingual Quarterly event on the topic Human&Digital. About Leadership Transformation and things you do not learn in Business School. Learn also about the concept of Future Skills Farming and its contribution to a human and successful work culture in a digital age.

Next Date: November 27 2020 15:00-18:00, online aus dem Steirischen Vulkanland Schloß Kornberg. Powered by Future Skills Farming

E-Academy and Consulting - Hands On Knowledge

Digital and in real life: I would like to encourage you to develop as I will accompany you and the people in your company to innovation, future and a culture of Being Boldy Human. Learning in a conducive atmosphere. Focus and progress are pre-programmed in this way, because it is inspiring and enables people to remember things.

21 Days Being Boldly Human Challenge

The Online programm for emotional intelligence and resilience. 21 days, daily 30 min, Sunday is off, twice a week online and live, 4 times a week task to be done at your timely schedule. Self-empowerment and tools for people in transformation and innovation. Simply Being Boldly Human. Learn in DeepDive and achieve real change!

  • Week 1: Being Bodldy Human - humour and being spontaneous
  • Week 2: Being Bodldy Human - turning conflicts into a source of creativity
  • Week 3: Being Boldly Human - communicate with convincing impact


21 Days Challenge on Leadership Transformation

Self-empowerment and tools for innovative leaders. Humor and spontaneity, dealing with conflicts and courageous MenschSein© -being boldly human, convincing communication. Live, learn in DeepDive and achieve real change!

Your learnings

  • how to react spontaneous und souverän in unforeseeable situations
  • how to enable your inner coach to be your permanent support potential
  • how to communicate convincingly in uncertain times

Moderation and Facilitation

The human (online) experience - creates focused results by cultivating an appropriate atmosphere. Whether in front of the screen or in real life:

Use my know-how and let me write your script, direct and moderate. For you it is a challenge, for me a vocation. And I bring stage presence, screen experience, process support, courageous humanity, business, creativity, intercultural experience, technical expertise at online symposia, congresses or meetings.