Seasons Celebrations


In times of Social Distancing, establishing connection and community – yes, that is possible. And after a year like this, your team needs it too!

Digital may not be in real life, but the way we do it with our guests comes very close.

And the good news – no one has to travel, everyone can meet in small groups or stay in the family. They are still connected, laugh together and have fun. Yes, and you can also say the big thank you for your commitment this year – live and in real time.

Since laptops can be connected to the TV screen, everything is in close-up in the living room or the kitchen and we know by now – the mood is coming up. Especially when everyone is amazed that they are really eating and drinking the same and talking about what they are tasting and smelling.

1. you choose the type of event

  • online cooking inclusive professional cook

  • online shipment for your staff – transferable worldwide

  • online wine tasting

2. you choose your special ingredient

  • a keynote

  • a Christmas story

  • live music

  • the magician

3. you choose the sensory package that will be sent to your team or employees in advance

  • Vulkanland exclusive – fits well for 6 persons: 2x castle wine (red or white) : 1x Winkler-Hermaden, 1x Dietl , Vulcano ham, Krispel salami, Cheese Artist cheese, Berghofer pumpkin seed oil, Gölles balsamic vinegar, Zotter chocolate, 1 organic Brisky

  • Vulkanland small and good – fits well for 2 persons: 2x castle wine (red or white) wine and Zotter tasting package chocolate

  • Vulkanland Spirits – if it should be an additional gift: Organic Brisky, Lisa Bauer Gin, Gölles Rum

You tell us what you want and we will make you an offer!

And since we are here with the Vulkanland in the delicacy store of Austria – and Organic Adventure really knows its way around, we would be happy to put together something exclusive for you and make you an offer

  • Whisky and chocolate – a men’s package: all four whiskies of the region plus the matching chocolate

  • Beer and chocolate: Lava Bräu,

  • Patisserie and wine: Dominik Fitz Patisserie and sweet wine or vermouth

  • Patisserie and Whisky: Dominik Fitz Patisserie and Genesis Whisky from founder of the Austrian Whisky Association