As a culture and leadership expert, Karola Sakotnik makes an international call for BEING BOLDly human. Daring to think differently, generating change by trust and confidence, for a world worth living in – that is my message in presentations, keynotes, coaching sessions, moderations and our Leadership Transformation Summits.

“For the past year, the focus has increasingly been on online leadership, coaching, teaching and communication. And that requires new BOLDness, as it fundamentally tests our previous culture of BEING human.”

From: MUTIG MenschSEIN – Leadership for Teams in the Home Office

Honestly: What about your relationships? With co-workers, clients, customers, students and your loved ones? How do you succeed in encouraging others? And yourself, to live your potential?
Somehow it doesn’t feel right, does it? Nothing works!

Our culture of living and working is fundamentally challenged. There are hardly any face-to-face meetings, no major birthday celebrations, no socializing with the department….
Ok, the requirements are made with good reason.
But we are people and we want to smell and feel each other. We humans want to communicate with each other. And yes, there are solutions and new ways to communicate – human, creative and online!

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Coaching is the most effective way to tackle nowadays´ challenges.

With a critical friend, a sparring partner and a skilled empowering facilitator for your venturing towards new unknown paths. That is where transformation happens – want me to be your adventure guide discover this paths of yours?

Options range from a one time coaching, a survival package, an emergency kit to purposeful, individual, impactful leadership development

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Transformation is a path into the unknown – when your expertise needs a totally new setting caused the challenges of a completely renewing market

Transformation Pilots are a team of three from three different backgrounds, all three with a professional formation is path exploring, guiding, resonance offerers and brilliant thinkers – all to be your safeguard while you are venturing for the unknown. So you and your organisation can create, generate and develop the unknown into a feasable business culture or new business model.

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I am a thinker and developer with great empathy for human needs and human potential. If you want to knwo more about my thoughts, meet me online:

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