New perspectives in a working world limited by social distancing. The result: High performance without increasing personnel costs

How employees become fit for change, creativity and innovation.

What role do Emotional Intelligence and technology play in this?
Why is it important to specifically increase one’s own effectiveness?

Usually it always hits the others, now we are all in the same boat – we need to deeply transform, but how?

Being Boldly Human – that is an attitude to life and work.
It means to be aware of human characteristics and to cultivate them in order to successfully lead a digital future in which people can work and live in a species-appropriate way.
This helps to stay open and inspired in times of transformation.
Because now the foundations are being laid and the ideas are being born to ensure our survival.

The current questions

  • What to do to be economically successful in the coming years?

  • How is success defined in a time when the economic system is challenged in its very roots and by external circumstances like a pandemic?

  • Is innovation the solution to all problems?

  • What role does the employee with a human intelligence play in this context?

  • Creativity and change – why should you bother?

The input and answers you will get

  • Creativity and innovation are central components of a sustainable corporate culture

  • The role of inspiration

  • The role of technology and why you should understand it

  • Learning as a way of life is an essential contribution to success  – especially in times like these

  • Learning only works when happening voluntarily

  • Suggestions on how to establish this in the company

This keynote is a positive message on current challenges. It has been developed from the experiences of the last months, based on an expertise in creativity and innovation. The focus is on the role that employees have in it. It talks abouot which skills they should develop as people to strengthen the company. Along the way, they develop essential future skills such as their own effectiveness.

The book to the lecture
Available from December: The book for the keynote “Mutig MenschSein”, also available as an audio book, spoken by the author.
The lecture can be booked in German, English, Italian or French. It can be booked online and interactive as well as offline