I work as a process-facilitator and advisor with activists and institutions aspiring systemic change. My passion is to enable learning, innovation and collaboration to enlarge impact, especially in situations that demand thorough reflection or new and creative impulses. This overview provides a sample of current and past initiatives that I have been involved in.

I developed my main body of practice working as a manager and advisor to local and international development NGOs in Southern Africa, Bangladesh, India and Mozambique. While based at HIVOS, I immersed myself for 5 years in the development of new forms of knowledge generation, with a focus on academic-practitioner collaboration.  Now based in Austria, I continue to support HIVOS, and a small group of other partners on innovation, learning and programme development. I accompany teams and organizations as a critical friend, co-design programmes, broker partnerships and facilitate learning experiences.

I also teach courses on social innovation at the Donau University of Krems, am part of international research networks on social innovation (eg. the European TRANSIT programme) and produce regular shorter and longer publications about strategies for social change.