We deliver custom made service for decision makers in organizations and companies. The focus is on

  • supporting transformation
  • during transitional periods
  • international meetings, retreats and processes
  • that have impact on organizations, societies, on policy making and social development.


Transformation Pilots commit to the idea to create a constructive atmosphere where meetings and consulting can take place, a room where decisions with a positive impact can be made. An environment where beneficial transformation for our society can be initiated, where decisions our world needs can be prepared, evaluated and taken and where visions are developed that value the chances in our actual challenges in society and environment in order to transform them into beneficial action.

Transformation Pilots is a cooperation project initiated by Karola Sakotnik, MBA with on-demand-support of inspired & focused consultants, potential developers and artists who design, develop and accompany transformation and development processes.

Transformation Pilots claim to be inspiring facilitators, critical friends and focused consultants. We commit to service and to create an environment filled with know-how and artistry.

Consulting & facilitation by Transformation Pilots bring results that meet the needs of you, our clients, in order to find answers to your questions.