Art and Culture

Evolving Leaders for Evolving Times: Art is a special form of observation that makes visible what otherwise remains hidden. It helps to see the world with different eyes - and that is what I base my work on

Culture creates Identity

My purpose is to shed light on the human search for meaning – from the point of view of people who have never fit in, who have left their homes, and who have thus sharpened their identity.

Inviting change through experience

Experience design is my main work. It is engaging and happens by engaging with my soul, at the service of a task that is bigger than just making money.

People in other places

Humans spend a lot of time in other places. Places where they do not feel at home:

  • in the field of work, e.g. as ExPats, as leaders who engage in creating valuable work places
  • in the area of holidays, as cultural tourists
  • in the area of voluntary and involuntary migration

Not all experiences in this context are positive ones. Sometimes people feelmotivated as the change comes with a lot of hope for a better future, sometimes although it feels quite vulnerable, even lost – and still all these places can become safe spaces.

Good can happen, when meaning is found and a the evolving new, corresponding culture and identity is developed and honed.

Weaving cracked or broken things into a work of art, with gold threads, and letting them heal with it - Kintsugi of the human being

  • making magic happen
  • weaving and intertwining red threads with golden ones
  • stage
  • curate
  • write
  • direct
  • consult
  • coach
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