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The Art of Developing Culture

For me, being a cultural developer means being a pilot to explore existing paths and an expert in creating new experiences. In the reflection afterwards, I give tools to express oneself and to use all human future skills to co-create a better life for all.

Through my career, I learned that when the world of work and creativity combine, a culture is created that allows people to flourish. Creating quality of life, for a (working) world that is worth living in.

Karola Sakotnik | (c) Ulrike Rotter
Karola Sakotnik | (c) Ulrike Rotter

Karola Sakotnik

My work is situated at the intersection of business, complex challenges and the creative approaches from the arts. I call it Future Skills Farming. It’s not about being told what to do, but about creating experiences,  this awakens intrinsic curiosity. Culture emerges from there. I facilitate your path to create awareness to develop it and how to activate the necessary creativity. My work as a keynote speaker for new leadership, culture and creativity, as a coach, consultant and trainer for over 10 years and as a performing and staging artist and author for over 35 years is highly appreciated and recommended by my clients.

This topic is international, so am I and I work in four languages.

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My Offer

The approach - combining creative know how and new leadership curiously and successfully. Cognitive or inspirational - with me not only the head but also the soul is nourished. Future Skills Farming has made it its business to inspire experienced, new and future leaders to let a human working and thus living culture flourish. People and teams in all sectors need leaders who create a field for trust and communication and create a space or framework together with the team.

Coaching & Training

Shaping the future. Knowing and being able to do what leadership means in the future. Coaching with me can be one or more whole days face2face or a longer process with hourly appointments, also online. My trainings are learning units. They are characterised by experiential learning, so that the participants experience the topic, have time for reflection and personal insights, and can base their actions on a purpose. Using well-founded techniques and methods, I accompany you in a tailor-made and emotionally safe process, to the pre-agreed contents, communication and create a common framework.

Keynotes & Music Performance

Keynotes and music that inspire to generate new solutions. The two major lectures: 1) MUTIG MenschSEIN, BEING BOLDly human - how digitalisation can also succeed for the people involved 2) The Curious Leader - a guide on how to design communication in a way that activates and engages team success. I am happy to develop a tailor-made input for your needs.Because New Leadership means being curious! MUTIG MenschSEIN, combining creativity and culture. Seeing people in their uniqueness. Communicate effectively. This creates a culture in your organisation that fosters creativity and harnesses the value of diversity.

Facilitation & Vision

Designing the future. Generating visions and cultivating them to become reality. This means that we define a process together. I moderate it in its implementation and it is designed with all those involved. The future emerges. It is important not only to have ideas, but also to guarantee that they can be implemented. This means, among other things, defining who takes responsibility for what. Human interaction and genuine understanding are what cultural development is all about. Only those who listen, take their own stand, assess the needs of all those involved and develop something new will achieve top performance and create a world worth living in.

Experience Design

Learning Journeys, stage programs, creative workshops: Developing formats, writing scripts, directing. Touching people, connecting them within themselves, activating curiosity. Creating experiences that activate. I put my artistic and creative work at the service of inspiring people to make their contribution and take responsibility by stepping out of their comfort zone and overcoming taboos. Being able to listen, to cultivate communication and to know how to activate people - this is successful when you have experienced it yourself. Gently, kind and at the same time impressive. Because we need wise, humorous and creative leaders that cultivate a world worth living also in the future.

Developing Culture - who benefits

Above all, it is expert organisations who benefit from creative know-how and new leadership. Where dealing with people is the core of the work. In addition, culture is a game changer in connection with digitalisation and remote work. A leadership mindset that not only enables but also promotes self-determined work is the key to maintain a successful work environment.

Technologie and Culture - New Leadership

Leading agile teams does not only mean knowing all the methods. It needs cultural awareness, the cultural mindset. The wisdom of the different generations should be used. Digitalisation requires not only the use of agility, but a mindset of genuine interest, friendly communication and the awareness that a result must be on the table. Creating a field for genuine exchange inspires even verbally unskilled people to give their best.

Education and Culture - New Leadership

In the field of education, my offer is aimed at school administrators, their teams and pupils. MUTIG Human BEING, combining creativity and culture. Seeing people in their uniqueness. Communicate effectively. This creates a culture in your organisation that promotes creativity, removes the fear of novelty and uses the value of diversity. Headmasters, leaders and their teams benefit from process facilitation. Students: benefit from creative workshops where Future Skills are practised hands-on.

Arts and Culture - New Leadership

Art is a form of special observation that looks at what is otherwise lost. Future skills farming means developing culture in teams. To really unleash the potential that lies within them. How do we work together? How do we deal with competitive pressure? How do we prevent psychological violence and abuse of power? It is the leaders who create a field for trust and open communication. A jointly developed framework provides a space for creativity to flourish.

Healthcare and Culture - New Leadership

At your service. For this to succeed, human interaction and genuine understanding, i.e. cultural development, are needed not only at the patient's side but also behind the scenes. If the people in the team listen to each other and the needs of all involved are important, life in the health sector can be lived well. Especially when there is a shortage of staff and time pressure, it is important to pay attention to effectiveness. This creates a world for the patient team in which they are in good hands.

My Vision

My vision is to inspire people to contribute to a wonderful work of art called life. In doing so, my work – whether as a leader in business, a lecturer in education, an artist or a former Red Nose Hospital clown – is about showing ways to cultivate a culture of humanity and thus shape work and life.

In the process, potential is released through practised “future skills”. People become effective. Something our world desperately needs, I think. However, one cannot usually access one’s own Future Skills after training at an art college, university or at a business school.

Karola Sakotnik | (c) Regine Schöttl

Testimonials by Clients

“Karola Sakotnik convinces, even sceptical leaders. With dazzling ease and humour, female charm and Austrian wit, she explains commplex issues easly and comprehensively. In one word: inspiring!”
Mag.a Stefanie Essl
HR Director Hervis Sport
“It is unique how quickly she creates a trusting atmosphere! She even manages to touch people online. This opens up a space for authentic and honest exchange.”
Beatrix Arlitzer
Verband der Supervisor: innen Österreich
“When Karola speaks, people listen! Thus our leading team booked the slots in the coaching program with her within one day after attending her keynote.”
Christian Emetsberger
People and Culture Manager

When Peter Drucker's "culture eats strategy for breakfast" becomes "culture and strategy for breakfast" - that is rocket fuel. Let's discuss how you can get there.

Cultural development pays off - more engagement, connected generations, better results. In business, education, arts and healthcare.

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Or as we say in Austria: "Talking brings people together".

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